Wednesday, 20 January 2010


***edited with 3rd picture lightened by Susie...thank you your a sweet heart***
That is correct! Your eyes are not deceiving you!! I have a DESK...whoop whoop!!
I moved the bookcase & searched Argos for a desk to fit perfectly in my tiny corner in the frontroom!!

as you can see I am also using the window ledge to store things & the bright blue towel is to stop them getting piddling wet through with all the condensation we have!!

here is my desk in all its glory! Its actually a small computer desk so has a pull out tray bit which will hopefully be big enough for my graphic tablet to save me having it on my knee!!
Not a lot going on, on my desk at the minute as I'm tapping about on the laptop on my knee on the sofa!! (well I can't fit everything on it!)

The notice board is serving 2 or 3 purposes!!
Its got some inspirational bits on like my card from Bev, calendar from Susie & the card I made at a SU workshop.
Its also for all my bits & bobs, somewhere to keep my Craft for life cards (till I take them to the shop) & to stop the sun going on my SU stamps!!

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Wipso said...

Your space looks so organised now Helen. Well done you. I'm impressed :-)
A x

Julia Dunnit said...

Wow Helen! How exciting and how well organised! I wish you and your desk a lot of happiness! AN dwhat is that red/pink box on top of the drawers on your desk??

pinky said...

Helen you have made brilliant use of your space, isn't it great to finally have a desk!!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Right now you are tidied come up here and sort my stuff out. LOL Your desk looks very tidy and sorted out. Lovde seeing everyone elses stuff to see what goodies they have. Hazel xox

Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! Congrats on your new acquisition Helen. Its all looking very organised and efficient. I'm deeply jealous! Enjoooooyyyyy.... Lauren x

butlersabroad said...

Yay, she's got a desk! It will make such a huge difference, I got my little space finally sorted out last October, and I've been lovin' it! You must have really deep sills to store all that stuff on, that's great!


Linda Elbourne said...

Time for a Helen has a desk party me thinks ... how cool! All looks nicely organised too ... wtg Helen X

Pam said...

How exciting, I can stop worrying that you will get too comfy on the sofa and fall asleep mid flow with the scissors! Hugs Pam x

SueH said...

Yah, a new desk!
I’ll give you a week before it’s all cluttered up, just like the rest of ours Lol!


Linby said...

I feel I have been with you through transition from sofa to desk - I wish you many hours of crafting on it.

Nicks said...

wow it looks so organised, and what fabulous windows/light you have got
Happy Creating!