Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Morning all. I just want to apologise for being a bit absent the last week I have been having a tough time.
Yesterday I went to see the "Head" Doc about my headaches & he doesn't think they are anything "Sinister" (his words!) but is going to send me for a scan to check my neck & head.
He is also referring me onto the head clinic where they do physio therapy & accupuncture to help instead of tablets. Which I am looking forward to as I hate taking pills all the time.

Sorry I missed out on some challenges I want to join in this week but I'll have to see how I get on as my neck is very sore today after the Doc wiggled it about yesterday!!

Catch up with you all soon
x x x


Wipso said...

Oh poor you. I've had accupunture for a trapped nerve in my neck and I swear by it so good luck. Really hope you feel much better very soon.
A x

Steph said...

Hi Helen, You've got my sympathies. I remember with my CFS I had headaches pretty much 5 or 6 days of the weekend. I just got used to them being the norm, crazy huh? I found that acupuncture and osteopathy really helped me so good luck as it sounds like you're going to doing something similar. HOpe it works xxx

Jane Matsumoto said...

Oi! Nothing "sinister"? Apparently he hasn't had these headaches and migraines before... lucky for him. Sorry to hear you are sore and hurting. Hey! I'm still waiting to hear what your good news is! :)

Cindy N. (aka nadci) said...

Sorry to hear the news. Hope you feel better after the treatments. Take care. Hugs.

Wipso said...

I am giving you an award. Please check out my blog
A x

Bettythebaglady said...

Dear Helen It's Betty here. Sometime ago now I attended a conference in Liverpool about FMS. It clarified a great deal for me and I thought you might be interested in one point that was made about scans. MRI scans can only rule out other diseases BUT SPECT scans-which noone had ever mentioned to me can show some strange things that are happening to FMS patients. The blood flow in the brain differs from that of a "normal" brain and is similar to that of patients with dementia. I found this very enlightening because I
a Realised I didn't have dementia
b Was able to devise ways of coping with the terrible memory problems I was experiencing
c Had a simple way of explaining to other people without getting up tight why I was behaving the way I was-couldn't remember their names-couldn't remember I had just told them something etc etc etc.
The conference also made me realise that doctors were in the dark also and I have hardly been to see mine since.
Now this is ok for me because as soon as I reached 60 I was free albeit with a much reduced pension from what I would have had if I'd carried on working and contributing to my pension fund. No more DSS interviews which I hated because the worry made the illness worse. I gave up trying hard to get better and just went with the flow.
I am very lucky-I have a wonderful husband and fabulous family and friends who have been very supportive.
I don't go to a support group any more because I got so upset by everyone else's circumstances I just plod along best way possible. Crafting has saved my life and I'm not sure I would even be here without it. Much Love BettyXXX