Saturday, 27 February 2010

Whoop my knitted Justin Lee Collins is in The Sun today...

This is the picture of JLC with my JLC in The Sun
here's a link
The Sun JLC


Wipso said...

Oh wow Helen. That is just perfect. Clever you. I'm soooooo impressed. Will be putting the gadget show on record on Monday :-)
A x

Susie Sugar said...

Wow Helen that is amazing darling your famous and your knitting is stunning darling
Well done really proud for you
Love Susie xx

Lilacanglia said...

This is fantastic,
I wish they had put your name in the paper to get you more customers, as your work is well and truly worth it,

pinky said...

Congratulations Helen, wow girl, theres no stopping you.

Paula Gale said...

woop woop - how fab!!! They should have credited you with making it though!!!

Paula x x x