Monday, 1 March 2010

The Gadget Show reminder!!

For those of you who asked me to remind you
The Gadget Show is on tonight at 8pm on ch5
My knitting will be on at the beginning of part 3 (so I've been told!!)

Thank you to everyone for their support & congrats it has been much appreciated



Paula Gale said...

What did they do with it? I watched it all apart from first 5-10 mins as I forgot... but saw all parts 2,3&4!

Paula x x x

maddy hill said...

oh wow that is so fab for you , will try and catch the show ! and i love the justin collins knit !

oh flip ive just realised its tues !
hope it went well !
maddy x

Amanda said...

Guess it is the bunny! My son spotted it first and got very excited about Harry Hill's bunny being on the Gadget Show!! And then he said sth about Top Gear too!!? Is there more to tell Helen....