Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sad news ...

Yesterday Lilly, who was 8 years old. Passed away in my arms after a trip to the vets.
The vet told me her heart was fine & that she had a respiratory infection. He gave her some injections & we booked back in for Thursday. I left feeling quite hopeful after I had prepared myself for the vet to tell me she didn't have long left. He did say he hoped we had caught it in time & felt she should have every chance to fight it. Sadly when we got home she just laid in her cage, not her usual bounce. So I picked her up & sat her on my knee. She cuddled into me whilst trying to breathe & I just storked her, sobbed & pleaded with her to keep fighting. The poor little love died cuddled in her mummy's arms.
I took Lilly to my Mum's house & we have buried her in Mum's garden & I bought a mini Lilly plant for her.

For those who don't know Lilly's story. Nearly 2 years ago to the day I was asked if I could take in a rabbit who had been taken to the vets to be put down because she was severely over weight & had such bad fly strike her back end was a state, no fur & just mess all over.
I said I would & I picked her up brought her home & spent 2 weeks struggling to give her antibiotics via syringe in her mouth & put cream on all her sore bits. My vet told me he's neve known a rabbit live through fly strike. As you can see from the picture above she made a full recovery & although she wasn't my biggest fan for a while she grew to love me & grew all her fur back.

She was so cuddly & would lay in my arms like a baby. She would be quiet round people, but when she thought you weren't looking would be a lunatic especially in her run.

Night night my little old lady...mummy loves you & misses you.
Be safe & free now bright eyes
x x x



Hazel (Didos) said...

(((Big Hugs )) Sorry to hear the news Helen. Just think of the good times and the 2 years you had with her. Love Hazelxoxo

thread-bare said...

Helen I am so sorry hun. I know what you are going through after losing my own animals. I am glad that she had a beautiful family & she was peaceful when she passed. Sending you loads of cyberhugs hun xx Clare x

Kras said...

very sorry tray is so severe that happened
such nonsense, it is sad

Vanja said...

Oh, Helen, I'm so sorry to hear that, it's such a sad story.

Hugs, Vanja

pinky said...

Oh Helen that is soooo sad, sending you a big hug.

AshKuku said...

I understand how it feels to lose them..... The thought of not getting attached to any other being in future gets stronger..... I hate those moments, it tends to get difficult to get over it.... Slightest of the thoughts or situations makes u burst out..... I lost my Bruno (German Shepherd) & now we don't have any more pets.... :-(


Mr Lonely said...

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Lilacanglia said...

oh Helen,
how sad, so sorry,
she will be hugging you from above, and pain free now,