Sunday, 3 October 2010

YOUR Ellephantastic Digi cards & projects

YOUR Ellephantastic Digi Cards & Projects

I have started a Gallery to show off YOUR Ellephantastic cards/projects

Here are a few by Maria aka Inkymits Crafts to tease you!

If YOU would like YOUR Ellephantastic cards/projects shown off then please either send me a link or email me.

I would also love if you have a Facebook account to see YOUR Ellephantastic cards/projects on the Ellephantastic FB page

Also don't forget you can join the Roger the Bear fans group on FB too!!
I would love to see YOUR Roger pictures on there too so PLEASE do share!

1 comment:

Daisychain said...

Here is a card I have just done with 'Broken Roger', hope you like it

Hugs Christine x