Friday, 22 April 2011

My first polystyrene ball cupcake!!

I thought I'd share with you my first cupcake made with a polystyrene ball, ribbon, flowers & the top off a perfume bottle!!

I saw a cupcake made up at Harrogate show in March & just had to have a go. I made it for my sister's birthday as she's a huge fan of cupcake stuff!!

Gonna have to get some more balls & make some more me thinks!!
You may near some ear muffs however as I did swear an awful lot whilst making it!!!

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend.


rachel said...

fantasic cupcake!!!!!:)

kayc said...

Well done. Your cupcake is amazing. Good enough to eat. I hope you are well. Enjoy the Easter weekend. Kathleen x

Jill said...

Ha! Isn't that just such fun! Gorgeous Helen! Jill x

misteejay said...

Think it was well worth the 'blue air' - it looks fab.

Toni :o)

Posh Cat Crafts said...

Wow Helen its is STUNNING, you are so clever! I'm sure your sis will love it. Happy easter to you

Twiglet said...

Great little cupcake! Hope you had a happy Easter - fab weather makes all the difference!

Nikki said...

Now I really want a cake!!! pmsl

Nikki x