Saturday, 23 March 2013

Baby update as I've not crafted yet!!

My little dude is now 20 weeks old. He's loving his feet, chats gibberish and blows raspberries!! He's got 2 teeth already and more on the way. He's such a pleasure to be with ....even at 3:30am!!!
The last time i was at 20 weeks i was half way through my pregnancy and Murphy kicked me for the first time :-)


Jill said...

He looks a dear little chap Helen - might be a few years before you find time to do some crafting! Jill x

Teresa Arsenault said...

Isn't motherhood wonderful? What a grand little guy.
Blessing Hugs,

Mel said...

He's gorgeous ! Congratulations to you both. He looks an absolute joy. Love Mel xxx

kimmie_35 said...

What a sweetie!
They grow so quickly, don't they? Glad you enjoying every minute...
Kim M